baby steps

Baby Steps

When you're at rock bottom and any change seems too hard - start with tiny little baby steps and then a little more each day
benefits of meditation

The Benefits Of Meditation

De-Stress, Relax, Calm Your Mind, Improve Your Memory and Concentration - Benefits of Meditation Helps Get These In Your Own Time and Space
time out

Time Out…

Learn to say No, do a gadget detox, spend time with your loves and spend time in nature - a time out will do wonders for your soul and creativity
what's your why

What’s Your Why

Overcome Any Challenge When You Know and Understand Your Why, the inner drive allowing you to keep going regardless of the challenges
transferable skills

Transferable Skills

Trends and Job Markets change all the time while your transferable skills, your soft skills remain valuable in any market, in any job, in any industry

Your Health Routines and Habits

Let’s start with the basics to get your head and body right for the life you deserve - your routines will become habits a lot sooner than you think
financial fitness

Your Financial Fitness

A job for life is long gone, and one source of income is not a good idea - try a side gig, save money every month and look at smart investments