time out

Taking Time Out...

Time Out - good for your soul and your creativity and your productivity

Did you get away from it all recently?

If not, why not?

Are you like I was a few years ago when I thought doing, doing, doing all the time equalled great productivity?

Or do you worry about missing out on opportunities so when things are going well and you have momentum, you say “yes” to any and all opportunities

I’ve seen that happen too

Like some of the people I work with, I, too have been guilty of wanting to stay on the momentum train and before long I’m out of balance

There is a time for stillness and simply being as there is a time for doing and productivity

Getting good at distinguishing those times is key to sustainable success, wellness and happiness

But I didn’t always know that and sometimes I still forget that

Ah…the burden of old and automatic patterns

So, what if you aren’t able to get away for mini breaks as often as you’d like?

That’s no excuse though I can almost hear them churning in your mind, as they often did in mine

There are simple ways to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with timeouts that work just as well as a mini or extended getaway

Here are some I’ve tried and that others I work with have shared with me

Detox from technology for at least one day per month

If you can’t do a weekday, use a weekend day

Several social experiments found that taking a scheduled break from your phone or digital devices lowers stress levels

No one's going to manage your stress better than you, so make it a priority

Engage in face-to-face conversations with loved ones

Coffee or lunch dates with partners, family or friends is an easy way to do this and for goodness’ sake leave the phone or other tech gadgets at home

Be fully present to your loved ones

It’s important for your mood and energy levels

Get out in nature more

Trail walks, beach promenade strolls or hiking do a lot to rejuvenate the soul and it’s a simple and easy way to exercise too

It’s also a great stimulant for fresh ideas

I’ve had some of my best creative or productive ideas after much-needed time in nature

Practice saying “NO” 

How many times do you say “yes” to people, projects or things when you really want to say “no”?

Most of us do this because we’re afraid to offend others, or feel obligated for some reason or another or we suffer from FOMO big time

That’s a big one in our current times of instant gratification or not wanting to be left behind

Ask yourself if there’s a deeper meaning behind your FOMO or why you constantly say “yes” when you mean “no”?

Social studies suggest that people’s unrealistic fears of missing out often stem from unhappiness or dissatisfaction in their own life

If that’s you, then think about making real connections, getting to know yourself deeper through journaling or focusing on gratitude for what you have rather than obsessing about what you think is missing

Keep balance in your life as much as you can so you actually get to enjoy the success you’re chasing, otherwise what’s the point, really?