financial fitness

Financial Fitness

Build your financial fitness with multiple streams of income

  • No job is guaranteed for a lifetime
  • None of us could’ve imagined the impact this health crisis had (and is having) on our livelihoods, but there is something really important to take away from this
  • It is never a good idea to put ALL your financial eggs into one basket
  • Through my struggle of climbing out of my personal financial crisis twenty years ago I had this feeling that I had to do more than simply land a good job that paid well
  • Even though I didn’t know how at the time, my instincts told me I had to build my financial fitness
  • I had to figure out a way not to be at the mercy of company changes, unforeseen personal changes or a GFC or a pandemic or a war or inflation
  • So I’ve implemented some basic things to strengthen my financial position
  • Basic money success tip number 1 - in a nutshell; spend less than you earn
  • I know we don't like to hear things can be as simple and as basic as that
  • What it comes down to is making sure that there's more money left at the end of each month and one of the ways to do that is to create and manage a budget
  • So not sexy, not magical – another part of the formula that will brew the potion for your ultimate success
  • Know what you're spending your money on and save ten percent of your income
  • In fact, that's the thing you should be doing first, putting your 10% aside of all income, birthday money, Christmas money, wedding gift money, main income, side-gig income
  • If you get into the habit of saving ten percent of your income - you're always going to have rainy day money
  • It’s pouring now in our financial worlds with millions of people retiring or changing jobs and businesses having to close their doors because they’ve been ruined or can’t find people
  • Governments step up with relief packages or payments, but we all know governments operate slowly and rarely hit the goal they intended - so do you have enough money in the rainy day account to get you through the next crisis?
  • And will the government aid be enough to cover your family’s basics when it eventually starts flowing?
  • As long as we’re relying on only one income source, we are always financially fragile
  • Now is the time to open the mind to other sources of income, preferably residual income - income that continues to flow with minimal effort on your part
  • And there are plenty out there
  • eCommerce Businesses, Affiliate Marketing, Selling products online, Direct Sales and Network Marketing; Creating eBooks to sell on Amazon, Real Estate investments and so on
  • The trouble is people turn their noses up at these opportunities yet there are millions of people around the world generating consistent, monthly income from such opportunities - myself included
  • Most of the people I know working a side-gig or have residual income from more than one source started as a result of them or a loved one lose everything and having to start over
  • They recognised quickly that working for the ‘man’ or having one single income source meant they were always financially fragile
  • So if you’ve been close-minded in the past to multiple income streams, now is the time to change that - to open your mind and look at other ways to ensure ongoing financial fitness for you and your family