use the time

Use The Time To Get Yourself Market Ready

Use the time to get ready for your next job market or career change opportunity

Once you’ve calmed down from the panic of losing your job


You know all those ‘I don’t have time’ excuses you’ve been saying over and over - well, you’ve no longer got ‘em

You now have a choice - do you catch up on those Netflix series everyone has been talking about or do you decide, right here, to change your life and use the time you’ve now got?

Do you think Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg binge watch Netflix?

Hell to the no

They know that every second they’ve got, every single second they waste on non productive rubbish is time they will never get back

It’s gone

It’s gone forever and it ain’t coming back

You have time now to get your career documents squeaky clean and 100% tempting to any recruiter in-any-industry

So use the time

Get your resume in order

Get your LinkedIn in order

Get your cover letter in order

Those are the three major must-have career profile documents for any job or career change

After a crisis, there is always a rebuild phase - it’s the natural cycle of things that we’re seeing now

The Great Resignation coupled with The Great Retirement means now's the time to upskill and snap up the better careers in the industry you want

Now is the time to get ready for that magic moment when preparedness meets opportunity

Let me share this with you

I've had clients before, during and after lockdowns landing jobs – jobs they want – in industries they want

While many were losing jobs, they’re landing jobs


Because they’re prepared for the fast pivots companies (and industries) make

They’re getting reach outs directly from companies - yet it took a lot of my coaching time to convince them LinkedIn was the place to be seen

They’re getting recruiters saying they’ve got roles waiting to start next week – yet it took weeks to get their resume so it’s ready-to-go right now

Now they're super happy they put the time, effort and energy to get their LinkedIn 100% ready-to-go because they had the reach out from hiring managers, they were offered these juicy, remote work jobs – and they haven’t missed a beat

If you do nothing else - get that LinkedIn up to scratch because you never know when that reach-out comes for you - use the time