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The Top Three Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

Are you Ready to quit your job? Do you feel like you're not being challenged, Have a crappy boss or not getting the pay, perks or opportunities you want?

I have several clients who come to me because they want to make a change and they need help in a hurry – they need career support, guidance, plus help writing their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and cover letters

The most common reason I see for people wanting to quit their jobs is that they're just not happy and this can be for several reasons, such as not feeling challenged enough, having a crappy boss or not getting the pay, perks or opportunities they want

If you have a great job but a bad boss then it’s a huge factor in you leaving

Because ultimately, your boss will be the person that helps you get ahead or holds you back

Chances are, they're not going to help you get ahead because a crappy boss is not just about micromanaging you or being crabby or creating an unpleasant work environment, they aren't going to help you forward your career no matter how well you do your job

You will never win

Another big reason I see why people want to change careers or quit their job is that they feel there are no promotion opportunities available to them

They see that only a handful of people get promoted within the company, usually the ones close to the boss or the ones playing-the-game, and feel that they’ll never get further than they are now

As a result, they feel stagnant and want to move to a company where they can grow

So for them - it’s time to move on

Many people quit their job because they're not being paid what they're worth

To determine if you're being paid what you're worth, do your research and study the market rates for the role you're doing

And if you’re in a niche industry where it’s hard to find market rates, then apply for jobs you have no intention of taking so you can find the current pay rates

Make sure you're exceeding expectations so you can negotiate a pay rise

Build evidence for when you want to negotiate for a pay rise by tracking your achievements

The easiest way is by recording your achievements as you make them happen, week by week, and not in a mad rush when you’re updating your resume and struggling to remember what you delivered 5 years ago

More and more people quit their job to pursue their own businesses or to work in an industry that they are passionate about

With the current global crazy job market, people are taking stock of their lives and re-evaluating what’s important to them

They want to work in an environment that is stimulating and makes them feel like they have a purpose

And they have amazing transferable skills that could easily land them a job in an industry they love – they just need to package themselves differently from what they’ve been doing all their working life

I hope you’ve got some insight into the things you want to consider when you're thinking about staying in your current role or moving on

And I hope it's also given you some insight into the changes you need to make to get you to where you want to be

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