mature age reporting to a younger manager

How Do You Really Feel About Reporting To A Younger Manager?

Always be positive and authentic in your response and energy when You're asked this common interview question About reporting to a younger manager

Let’s dive a little deeper into what could potentially be an awkward question for mature age candidates

I’ve covered it briefly before, but want to go a little deeper on this one because it’s important

It’s also a question you have to answer honestly to yourself first

How do you really feel about reporting to a younger manager?

Understand that interview questions can be complicated or even misleading, but the first thing to say about that is that there’s no malice or gotcha intentions behind some of the awkward ones, so get any negative thoughts out of your head

When you get a curve ball question it’s often because the interviewer is trying to see how you handle pressure or they’re trying to gain deeper insight into you and your “in the moment” reactions

Expect this question if you’re a mature age candidate

It almost always comes up

Even if an interviewer is of similar age to you, there is a chance that you might be reporting to a younger manager and not the actual interviewer, so be prepared

First and foremost, be positive in your response AND your energy

Your body language will give you away even if your words don’t

A strong answer is something similar to this: 

Age never enters my mind with regards to a younger manager. I take pride in supporting everyone I work with including those I report to. I want to deliver excellence in everything I do and for me that means following instructions and requests without letting any personal attribute get in the way. 

Here’s the kicker though…

Make sure your energy matches your answer and that you actually mean what you say

If you say the words without meaning it or say it grudgingly your interviewer will feel it and it’ll be a big turn-off

The key is to show open-mindedness, flexibility and authenticity because the interviewer will be looking for these traits in all your responses

Awkward and challenging situations arise all the time in every company

We don’t always get to work in a perfect, Nirvana-like office

We don’t always work with people who inspire us or support us or know how to get the best out of us

And some days, our own personal challenges hang like a dark cloud over our heads, yet we still have to front up in a professional manner to the office - or on the Zoom calls

Interviewers are aware of all this and when they ask the seemingly awkward questions like how you feel about reporting to a younger person, they are also checking to see what your work ethic and reactions are regardless of the circumstances

It is your job to show professionalism and open-mindedness in all work situations and to be successful in your role regardless of who you report to, and you need to convey this with the right energy during an interview

Authenticity in words and energy is key to landing your dream job, pay and perks regardless of age