interview practice

Always Practice Your Interviews 

Practice makes perfect - it's how you get good at interviews which means it's how you get good at landing the job you want

So I know interviews can rattle our nerves big time - can't they?

Especially if you haven't interviewed for a long time

You may have been in a role for 20-30 years and now find yourself head hunted for a new role at a pay rate way above your old salary

But now you’ve got the daunting task of preparing for your interviews

I encourage all my clients to practice – practice some more and then practice again

Practice on camera - use your phone, record yourself doing interviews and watch how you perform

Do you have all your answers to the most common interview questions ready to go?

Do you know your resume 100%?

Practice some more

Ask a friend, a family member, talk to the dog if you have to, but keep practicing your answers

Find a coach to help you

Your interview techniques will be outdated if you've been out of the interview game for a long time or you've been in the same job for many years

I encourage you to practice, use every interview you get as practice

Use each interview as practice

Don't get discouraged as you won’t land every role you interview for

You may know from the time you walk in that this is not the right job for you

If you know that - go through the interview anyway because it's excellent practice

You'll get to hear the kind of questions that people ask

You'll get more and more confident the more you speak

And the more you can answer quickly and confidently the better you’ll look for the job you really want

So never see an interview as a waste of time, try to get in front of as many recruiters as you possibly can so you get to practice your interviews

Go for any and all jobs you find interesting where you have the experience, qualifications or transferable skills - whether you decide to take them or not is another matter

Use these interviews as practice to get better and better

And then, as we said before, practice on camera and practice in front of the mirror

Make eye contact with yourself, make eye contact with the dog, make eye contact with your partner, your friend, your colleague, whoever you ask to help you

The important thing is to hold eye contact and to speak clearly, confidently, concisely

Practice makes perfect and that applies to everything in life including getting better and better at job interviews

All these things, and more, apply to remote interviews

Plus - there are other things like coffee interviews, group interviews, AI driven screen interviews and I’ll share more later