power of reflection

How to Use the Power of Reflection to Improve Your Life

reflect on the things that went well, the things that didn't go so well, and the things that you're grateful for

I want to talk about the power of reflection 

As we go through our day, there are so many moving parts and things on our task list that we often feel reactionary 

However, I have found that taking a few minutes to reflect on the day brings me valuable lessons 

One way I used to ease into my at-home mode was by doing a 5-10 minute meditation 

This would help me to transition from my work day back into my home life 

So I work from home and have a home office 

And I found that I needed to create something to move from the business day back into the home day or back into my home life 

And so I used to do a five or 10-minute meditation to make that transition 

Taking a few minutes to reflect and centre myself helped me to be more present in my personal life 

Recently, I saw my GP for my regular health check 

She suggested that, before I meditate, I take a few minutes to process my day 

This means reflecting on the things that went well, the things that didn't go so well, and the things that I'm grateful for 

Giving my brain a chance to process the day will help to prevent anything that happened during the day from coming back to haunt me later 

I never really thought about that before, but I do remember sometimes going to bed after meditating and still dreaming about something that happened during the day, especially if it was something that didn't go so well

But now, I understand that it's because I didn't give my brain a chance to process it fully 

The power of reflection can help us to transition into our home life after a busy day 

By acknowledging what has happened during the day, good and bad, we give our brain permission to process the day and then move into a meditative state 

This is far more powerful than simply trying to meditate 

Sometimes, we need to walk the dog or do something else to transition back into our home life, so do whatever works for you 

It may be time playing with the kids, blasting your favourite music or doing something as simple as cleaning some part of your home to get lost in the repetitive manual task 

However we do it, the key is to make that transition from business day to home day and home life 

And as always, have a great day