positive energy

Don't Slag Off Your Old Boss Or Colleagues 

Bring Your positive Energy to an interview and don't slag off your old workplace

We’re still in a skills-and-good-candidate short market – but – you still need to bring your A-game to your next interview 

I want to talk about energy and what happens when you bring negative energy to an interview 

When you bring negative energy to an interview, you create an uncomfortable atmosphere making it difficult for the interviewer to get to know the real you 

Additionally, hiring managers expect nerves from you, and that’s fine, that’s normal – but an overly negative attitude may turn them off 

What employers don't want to see is negative energy 

What I mean by that is, if they ask you questions about your previous boss or colleagues, and you go off speaking ill of them, it reflects poorly on you 

EQ is a crucial trait hiring managers look for - and your being negative does not put you in a high EQ category 

Remember, the world is small, and people know people, so keep your answer positive, even if it's hard to talk well about a negative experience 

I've been in the situation where someone was asked a question about a boss, mentioned the boss's name, and then spoke badly about the boss without realising that the interviewer knew that person 

Obviously, it didn't bode well for the candidate 

Even if you get asked challenging questions about your past bosses or colleagues, always stay positive 

Focus on what you learned from those experiences, and never mention the person's name 

This will show that you're a professional who is always looking to learn and grow – and in this case - that means avoiding bad language and negative portrayals of people you've worked with 

Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your experience and what you can bring to the table 

This show’s that you're a strong candidate who is ready to take on new challenges 

And I hope this helps you when you get asked that question that can sometimes be awkward