Nailing Your Virtual Interview

Nailing Your Next Virtual Interview

Practical Tips To Set Yourself Up For Success With Your Next Remote Or Virtual Interview

How many Zoom calls have you sat through with dreadful video and abysmal sound?

Way too many is my guess


The new norm for many jobs is virtual or remote or hybrid and that’s not going to change any time soon

If we’re going to keep working remotely then the virtual interview is the obvious next step

And, many remote jobs will never go back to the office so virtual interviews will snag the talent pool (you) from the next city, state or even country – or the beach if you wish…


How prepared are you for your next virtual interview?

Let’s look at the basics because the basics is a really good place to start – or first principles thinking is another way of saying it


How good is your internet?

This is super, super important as you don't want to be fading in and out or be cut off mid-question

If you can’t get this at home, then book a shared workspace and test it


Use a headset with a good microphone so your sound is great because if you lose video – you’ll be able to carry on with audio only

And…a headset cuts out external noise and a good microphone lets you get your best answers across


How’s your background?

Do you want your interviewer to see your washing hanging out to dry?

I love virtual backgrounds and I’m a big fan of waterfalls

You often see waterfalls in my background, but I’m also a big fan of New York with my great memories from living there – both these pictures always put me in a peak mental state

Use backgrounds that work for you, that feel good for you, that uplift you

Do whatever it takes to make things work to your advantage because the right picture uplifts your spirit and gives you confidence and makes you speak with a bit of pep in your step - do what you need to do


And then, as always, test everything before you do your interview - call up a friend, a partner, whatever and test your systems to make sure everything's working properly


And now for the most important step - practice your interview questions!

The best way to do this is with an experienced coach who’ll focus your responses, so you provide sharp and succinct answers

Or… practice recording yourself - then review your answers

Don’t speak for too long and always answer-the-question

2 minutes per answer is a nice balance

If you're talking for 3 or 4 or even 5minutes, you're talking too long

If you're giving one-word answers, then you're not giving enough information

I find 2 minutes is the sweet spot for your virtual interview answer

Practice your answers to the top 20 most common interview questions

Practice, practice, and practice some more

You’ll know you’re ready if I asked you a question at 3am and you can rattle off your answer without missing a beat


Remember to dress appropriately

Go for business dress from the waist up and – in case you need to stand up – from the waist down

Be professional always


You got the interview – congratulations – now go and land your dream job with your best pay and your juiciest perks