multiple job offers

Multiple Job Offers - How To Decide Which Is Best For You 

getting multiple job offers at the same time can be a problem - here's how to decide which is best for you

Ah…the dilemma of multiple job offers

I know most people won’t see this as a challenge and some dream of such a dilemma

But when you’ve been job-hunting, gone through the intensity of preparing and sitting through interviews and end up with more than one job offer, it can be stressful and anxiety-inducing

None of us want to make the wrong decision

I know when I was faced with the good fortune but also dilemma of more than one job offer, I did worry about choosing the right role

And it didn’t only come down to the remuneration

For me it was about the role that would best support me as a single parent

I’ve also worked with clients who say ‘what’s to worry about? Take the one paying the most dollars.’

Money should never be the only factor in your decision around your next career move

You may end up paying a bigger price than you’re prepared to over time and in ways that can harm more than help you or your family

So how do you get around the challenge of decision-making around multiple job offers?


Go back to the recruiter or hiring manager and ask for details around any lingering uncertainties

Things like benefits, working conditions, what success looks like in the first 90 days, flexibility, role expectations

Make sure YOU are absolutely clear and that all your lingering questions are answered

Remember you’re at work for at least eight hours of your waking day and if you’re not happy there you will see flow on effects in other areas of your life


Yes, you’re allowed to ask for some thinking time but make sure you express enthusiasm about the role so the company doesn’t feel like you don’t value their offer

There are no rules that say you have to provide an answer the moment an offer is made

Any decision that’s going to impact your overall life (career decisions for example) should not be rushed into

You can simply respond with something like this

“Thank you for this offer which I’m excited about. I believe this position is an excellent fit for me at this point in my career. When do you need to know my official decision? I will give this my utmost attention and get back to you by X date”

Give yourself about 48 hours to provide your answer so you have enough time to get clarification around the roles on offer and so that you don’t keep the company waiting too long


List the top 8 to 10 criteria you must have in a great job and assign a number from 1-10 to each item on your list to determine their importance to you

Review your criteria against everything you’ve been able to find out about the job on offer

Let your numbers help you make the right decision

Regardless of how you approach your final decision, make sure you have enough information, that you take the emotion out of the decision (matrix will help here) and that you are gracious and prompt in your replies to each company

And remember, this is a good challenge to have