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Hiring managers see hundreds of cookie-cutter boring resumes every day and reject most in 10-seconds-flat

They all read like a job description with no personality and nothing grabbing their eyeballs screaming – HIRE ME

What if you could stop hiring managers dead in their doom-scrolling-tracks with a story showing off your skills and your achievements and your expertise that has them reaching for the phone saying ‘I have to meet this person’

That's where this workshop comes in

No one ever teaches you this - it's not your fault

You'll learn how to dig up the gold nuggets from your professional journey

It’s how your resume goes from deadly-boring to a must-read story showing why you’re the best and only one for the job

Don't miss another opportunity because of a watching-paint-dry-dull resume

Write the resume that opens doors

Do this workshop and write your own story to get you the job

Say Goodbye to

Being ghosted by recruiters
Job search frustrations
Interview anxiety
Missed job opportunties

Say Hello to

Getting The Career You Want In Any Industry
Your transferable skills and achievements make you a must-see candidate for roles outside your current industry
Confidently Acing Your Interviews
Get remembered by hiring managers as your story makes you the best candidate for this gig
Standing Out From The Crowd
Hiring managers remember you long after seeing your application giving you the edge over other cookie-cutter candidates

People Crave Stories

Lists are scanned while stories are savoured

Learn the art of selling yourself through sharp engaging stories and turn your boring resume into a tale of skill and triumph that has hiring managers saying I-have-to-meet this person

Facts tell but stories sell

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Wendy Alexander your master career coach and career success guide

With 20+ years of experience Wendy is a seasoned professional who has led hundreds of individuals to their dream jobs. 

Wendy's journey is inspiring - from being a broke single mum to a high-paying corporate career to now coaching amazing clients and travelling when she wishes - she knows what it takes to smash obstacles and get what you want. 

Her background as a hiring manager for some of the largest IT transformation programs in the country means she knows what people-who-hire-people want to see in a winning candidate. 

Now - Wendy is passionate about paying it forward and helping others avoid the years of trial and error she did. 

She's here to give you the shortcuts to success and the strategies you need to thrive in your career journey. 

With Wendy by your side you'll learn from the best and fast-track your way to the career of your dreams. 

Get ready to unlock your full potential and take your professional life to the next level with Wendy Alexander as your trusted mentor.

Success Stories from people just like you

Landed Dream
Career Change

...In my first meeting with Wendy she ignited my drive to push for the career and life I wanted, asking me questions that highlighted achievements and accomplishments I’d made at current/ prior positions, that I hadn’t stopped to think about.
She was able to use these accomplishments, my skill set and personality to narrow down career paths that are suited to me, using these to build my resume towards a role I was pursuing.
After working with Wendy over the past few months I feel a lot more confident and goal-oriented.
Her knowledge of LinkedIn, has made me realise the importance of it and how to utilise it to my advantage. It’s helped my exposure and build connections in industries I’m wanting to be involved with.
I could not recommend her enough.

Ned Young

Organised team player with demonstrated experience leading teams

New Career Path

I was on that dreaded midlife journey of menopause and its associated feelings of inadequacy, fear, and not knowing how to transition to the next stage of my career.
Wendy calmly stepped in at the right time, took stock of my skills and experience, and guided me on charting a path to a new career.
I still get a jolt when I look at how Wendy has used my life / work skills and experiences to build a coherent and frankly awesome view on what I have to offer.
Her invaluable guidance has given me so much confidence and I cannot wait to tell others about the magic she does in career transition.
What she does is really rare and I really appreciate her.

Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo

Cultural Heritage Consultant.  Fueling cultural identity, Uniting cultures.

LinkedIn Profile

I recently engaged Wendy to upgrade my LinkedIn profile and CV.
I found Wendy to be professional and personable throughout the process.
She is easy to work with and quickly understands the areas that need to be targeted and improved.
Wendy engages in detailed discussion, and is eager to hear her client's point of view.
During the engagement, Wendy made herself available (despite it being towards the end of the calendar year and all that that entails) and kept every promise made to me, whilst being flexible around my schedule.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the journey with Wendy, and have recommended her expertise and services to a number of my colleagues.

Jonathan Howard

Senior Manager – IT Service Delivery, Projects and People

Your Questions Answered

What exactly is the 'Mining Your Story' workshop?

The free workshop helps you unearth the must-read stories from your professional and personal life that make you unique. It's about finding the key experiences and skills and achievements that will make your resume and career documents stand out to potential employers.

Who would benefit from taking this workshop?

Anyone looking for their next job or making a career change or simply wanting to understand their professional journey better. Whether you're just starting out or are switching careers or at the peak of your career - there's something valuable for everyone.

Do I need to have a specific career level or background to join?

Not at all. People taking this workshop come from every diverse background and career stage you can imagine. The common thread is the desire to create their future story and improve their storytelling on resumes and other career documents.

What do I need to prepare for the workshop?

While no preparation is necessary - it will help you get your best result by coming with a fresh mind and ready to reflect on your past experiences and challenges and achievements. Bring your resume or LinkedIn to serve as starting points for your story mining.

What makes this workshop different from other workshops?

This workshop focuses on the power of storytelling in career development. We guide you to uncover and articulate your unique personal and professional journey in a story that engages and resonates with employers. Learn to transform your history into a compelling story that sets you apart in the job market.

What should I expect to take away from this workshop?

Expect to leave with a clearer understanding of your unique career narrative and a draft of your story for career documents and the confidence to present your unique self to the job market. You'll have a solid foundation for crafting resumes and cover letters that get read and get remembered.

More Success Stories from people just like you

Got the Deal

I worked with Wendy Alexander on Revamping my resume, LinkedIn, and interview techniques.
She challenged me to see the greatness in my professional experiences and career, which helped me navigate and execute a plan to prosper as I searched for new job opportunities. It was so inspiring to work with her, gather the necessary tools, methods, and feedback to equip me in my pursuits.
Subsequently, I was able to secure a new position that was in line with my current experience and career path.

Working with her as a coach was integral and her support definitely garnered further success!

Kwame Morris

Entrepreneur, Entertainment, Venture Capitalist

Landed the Interview

I have been seeking help from Wendy in sharpening my resume, LinkedIn profile and also getting me ready for upcoming interviews. She has been nothing but spectacular, supportive and professional with my current situation and future plans which I'm very grateful.
She was able to hone by skills, capabilities in my overall profile, moving my applications from continuous rejections (did not pass screening) to moving forward to the next phase.
She really knows the recruitment industry and what hiring managers are looking for.
A true gem and highly recommended for any individuals at all levels to nail their dream job!

Darren Wee

Dynamic strategy and growth leader growing revenue, customer satisfaction

LinkedIn Presence

Wendy was able to draw out my story, skills and experience with the right questions and helped me have a presence on LinkedIn that I'm proud of. 

She is friendly, gives great guidance on what works and provides a great balance of listening and honest feedback to bring out the best for her clients. 

She is generous with her knowledge and time and easy to work with. 

I am confident and happy in recommending Wendy's work.

Mariam Elliott

I help businesses connect to opportunities in the Middle East

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