What makes some People 'recession proof' while others struggle?

Some people seem to float from job to job whenever they feel like it.
It's as if they know a secret language that only they and hiring recruiters seem to know.
I'm telling you that's true.
There IS a secret language and once you learn what Hiring Mangers are REALLY looking for your luck and career will change dramatically.

Success Stories from people just like you

Wendy was an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Her warm and pragmatic approach helped me uncover my confidence to speak concisely about myself and convey relevant tailored responses. 

 In just a few sessions and a several successful interviews I landed multiple offers and was spoilt for choice. 

 Thank you Wendy for helping me find my feet!! 

Will think of you first when myself or a friend is need again.

success stories

Amanda Mach

Wendy is a seasoned professional with a deep awareness of various communication dimensions (written, verbal and digital channels). She really helped me with a wealth of information and strategies on how I could better articulate my skills and experience through my career profile documents. 

The honest feedback during he interview prep sessions really helped me recognize and address areas of improvement. 

All through, she was an excellent partner to work with. 

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Dr. Vinod Seetharaman

I worked with Wendy Alexander on Revamping my resume, LinkedIn, and interview techniques.  She challenged me to see the greatness in my professional experiences and career, which helped me navigate and execute a plan to prosper as I searched for new job opportunities. It was so inspiring to work with her, gather the necessary tools, methods, and feedback to equip me in my pursuits.  Subsequently, I was able to secure a new position that was in line with my current experience and career path. Working with her as a coach was integral and her support definitely garnered further success!

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Kwame Morris

My Successful Clients Work At

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Other people's Success Stories

I had an engagement with Wendy a few weeks ago...Wendy came to the session well prepared with an excellent understanding of my work experience/achievements through her thorough review of my resume. 

Her engagement approach was professional, natural, and transparent. 

 As a result of that engagement, I managed to secure that role.....

many thanks to Wendy for her brilliant coaching.

success stories

Emad Haddad

Wendy’s experience and approach quickly highlighted areas that I needed to address in order for my resume to accurately represent my experience and achievements.

 Within just a few short days, using a collaborative and consultative process, Wendy transformed my resume - now crisp, sharp and something I am proud to have represent me in the early stages of job applications where I need to stand out amongst many other applicants.

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Reuben Jayasinghe

In this tight job market, a job seeker should know how to catch recruiters' attention and understand what they are looking. 

Wendy was very responsive and gave me a lot of advice on how to upgrade my resume. 

The upgrade resume is high quality and tells the recruiters my achievements very clearly. 

I highly recommend Wendy for any job seekers. 

success stories

Pomana Tsang

success stories

written by an ex- hiring manager

I’ve been a hiring manager for a lot of years so I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume

Let me just say that again....

I know what people-who-hire-people look for in a candidate and their resume

Success Stories

Wendy is a consummate professional and her corporate experience and knowledge is very evident from the word go. I engaged Wendy to also update my LinkedIn profile and the outcome was just brilliant. It paints a story of me and sets a perception in any readers mind with “I must speak to this person..” and get his/her resume and before you know it, you are preparing for an interview.  

success stories

Sadeck Omarjee

I would definitely recommend Wendy.
 She is very giving with her knowledge and time. In a single session she helped me prepare for final round interviews.
 I landed 2 job offers in the same week and accepted my top preference.

 Thank you again Wendy. 
Will definitely be reaching out to you again for further coaching sessions  

success stories

Logan N.

I really appreciate the work and effort that you put into rebuilding my resume. You took my work experience and studies and developed it into something powerful. With the revamped resume, requests for interviews came in by the dozens. 
I accepted 3 interviews and I received 2 job offers.
Thank you again, your re-work to my resume really made a difference!

success stories

Nicole Baatjes

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been in IT for over 30 years. I’m one of the top in my field and my skills are current but because of my age I’m not even getting to an interview. What can I do?

  • There’s a lot you can do so that you make it to the interview. A few easy fixes include; Take your birthday off your resume, List jobs for the last 10-15 years only, do NOT fax your resume (even if they still have a fax), use email only, list only your current tech skills as anything from 1965 is not relevant. And there’s plenty other things only a professional resume writer will do (that we teach you) to make you look ‘young’ and very experienced.

I’ve been told I’m too qualified for this role, what gives?

  • You’re probably showing too much professional education. Or you’ve listed every skill you’ve ever been good at since first grade. No, the answer is not ‘dumbing down’ your resume. The answer is tailoring your resume and cover letter to address each specific requirement raised in the job advertisement. We'll teach you this, it’s what we do to make you look good, to help you write your own success stories. In other words; we teach you to answer the questions they’re asking you…

I’m sick of working as a DBA and want to get into Project Management Office stuff, but my resume is all about DBA work. What can you do?

  • We'll show you how to tailor your resume and cover letters to get you the interviews you want. You’ve got a lot of good skills already so we’ll show you how to highlight the ones relevant to your new career and downplay the not-so-relevant ones. And they key point is that a professional resume writer knows how to tailor your resume and cover letters to help you get the interview - and soon you will too.

I was unemployed for 8 months. How do I explain the gap in my resume?

    • Relax, we'll show you what to do no matter what. And it’s not really as big a deal as you think it is. Everyone knows there’s been some tough times in the current COVID job market and a few months off is no big issue.

    Why can’t I just use some resume-writing software or a template?

      • Seeing something that offers you 100’s of templates online and promises you’ll have a ‘professional resume in under 10 minutes’ seems too good to be true. And like most things that seem too good to be true, they are. Well, let’s qualify that. If you’re going for a job at Maccas or Burger King, then it’s probably fine. If you’re going for a professional IT / Corporate job, then definitely not. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats the quality an experienced resume writer gets you - something you're about to learn.

      You say you’re good, but what’s your hit rate?

        • We don’t keep stats on our ‘hit rate’ but we can tell you that; – Most of my business comes from referrals - directly from my customers success stories – I get a lot of happy customers coming back for updates – I’ve been writing resumes for many years and keep getting great feedback. I've been teaching people how to turn their careers from 'I hate Mondays' to 'I love Mondays' for many, many years. And the 'I love Mondays' comes with the 'I love my new pay-cheque' feeling...
        success stories

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