Make 2021 The Best Year of Your Life

'Action is the foundational key to all success' - Pablo Picasso

Many of my clients changed jobs, landed huge wage increases and had life changing successes while the rest of the world struggled with the impact of COVID

Their success wasn’t by chance - they all worked diligently with me in my exclusive, one-on-one HAPPY Career Mastery Program

The victories belong to them because they took consistent action, even when they didn't always feel like it

To help more people earn more, position for better opportunities and live more I’m launching a community site in February 2021, right in time for the next hiring boom

I've seen over and over again how people achieve success easier and faster with the support and encouragement of others and by accessing a Brains Trust of experience

That's what the HAPPY Career Hub is all about

But I'd love to build it with the input of others and need feedback from a few founding members to fine tune the program

This is not a magic pill where someone does all the work for you

However, if you're someone who wants to consistently grow in your career and learn how to position yourself and network for great opportunities then I invite you to join me as a founding member

And I invite you not to treat it like a new year’s eve gym membership that you’ll cancel when-you-get-around-to-it mid year – it’s a commitment for YOU to improve

Improvement and steady growth only comes with consistent and ongoing bite size action steps

This early bird Pre-Launch Special lands at the founding member price of $250 for 12 months

For taking action early, we'll send you a bonus worksheet to complete over the remaining holiday break - yes - we want you to hit the ground running in 2021 so doing some prep will kickstart your career mastery journey for 2021

And – you get a FREE 20 minute one-on-one personal consult with me

The catch?

This is the pre-launch price and after that the price goes up and stays up

Change your luck and change your life – start here for the best year of your life…

Meet Wendy Alexander - the Career Success and Balanced Life Maestro

My Successful Clients Work At

What makes some People 'recession proof' while others struggle?

Some people seem to float from job to job whenever they feel like it.
It's as if they know a secret language that only they and hiring recruiters seem to know.
I'm telling you that's true.
There IS a secret language and once you learn what Hiring Mangers are REALLY looking for your luck and career will change dramatically.

See the Results Other People Just Like You Get

Wendy is a gifted writer with a flair for people. That combination is what makes her great at what she does. Be it Resume, Cover Letter, or LinkedIn, she will make you stand out from the rest. I came across Wendy on LinkedIn when I was searching for someone to help me with changing my Career Path. Obviously, this needed more than just a revamp of Resume and cover letter. Right from day one, she has been fully engaged in my development. She is a great listener and spent a good amount of time knowing my Story, so she could incorporate that in my profile. Career success is not just about having a well-paid job. There are a lot of moving parts to that Engine. The 'Healthy 6 Figure Package' engages these aspects stage-by-stage and enables you to master them, which in turn, help you in landing your dream role. Success is a journey, not a destination, and if you believe it too, then look no further - this program is for you.

Ken Kadali

Senior PM and Scrum Master | Expediting project delivery and key decisions through Agile and Data Analysis

Wendy is a super-star at cutting through the whirlwind of overwhelm when it comes to having a clear cut simple strategy on how to 'breath life into' and 'revamping' your CV & then also to coach you into being empowered when it comes to job hunting and landing you the job and career of your dreams. 

She keeps it simple, has integrity and is very supportive - She is worth every cent. 

I cannot recommend a better partner to work with when it comes to you taking that next step and jumping on those opportunities that either present themselves to you &/or she will support you to create the opportunities you want - Her service is just remarkable. 

Thank you Wendy! 

Suzanne Schuitman

Corporate Account Manager - Tailored Learning Solutions Consultant, Australia Institute of Management

I whole heartedly endorse and recommend Wendy's career management services.

What makes Wendy special to me are three capabilities she offers which are unique to the market: 

(1) knowledge of the recruitment process, 

(2) knowledge of sales psychology and how it influences people, and 

(3) personal experience making senior hiring decisions as an executive leader. 

To have access to this depth and breath of experience in the one person is incredible. 

I highly recommend Wendy and I am highly appreciative to Wendy for all of her help.

Mo Omarjee 

Hands-on Leader offering growth strategies in Supply Chain Management in $2.5B Global Production & Distribution Business

Your roadmap membership to take you from melancholy to mastery in your career and life

Change your Mindset and reprogram for success
Explore your patterns of failure and how to turn them into patterns for success
Position yourself for success and build your opportunity radar
Showcase your skills and talents so you build on each success
Grow and grow and pay it forward

Follow a proven success system

Wendy Alexander has turned her life around and now has a proven success system you can follow and short cut 20 years of learning

what's Included in the membership?

Everything you need to succeed

hope to plan

Your growth mindset principles to turn from demotivated and hopeless to on fire,  community connections and accountability support

assessing to action

Assess your 'story', review the patterns and passions in your life and turn them into success patterns, and setup your career transferable skills

Position for success

Your key career document templates, how to find opportunities others miss, interview tips and all important - self esteem mindset plan

build on your success

Progress mindset guides, win-win networking how-to's, networking events and regular progress celebrations

yoda like mastery

Ongoing mindset growth support, mentoring opportunities, growth volunteering tips and your pay it forward commitments


Come back to your new success community to share your wins and get help on your challenges, we're here for you

Your Roadmap from Melancholy to Mastery in Your Career and Life

Who This Membership is For

Grads and Junior Professionals - The first years are the hardest, help from start to senior positions
Management Professionals - The more experience you have the trickier it is to balance (and promote) what you know vs where you really want to be
Technical Professionals - You're great at what you do, you're at the top of your game - yet you always get looked over for a promotion - Sound familiar?
Career Change - You're ready to change careers,  you've got valuable experience - but how do you position this experience in a new industry? 

About Your instructor

Wendy alexander

I help professionals increase their income, get promotions or confidently change careers without compromising their health, relationships and peace of mind. It about thriving and not just surviving in all areas of life.

your careers' missing instruction manual

Wendy Alexander has a proven success system that's taken her from broke to living her dream life on her own terms - here's your elevator to success

resources Included in the membership

Everything you need to succeed






And most importantly - Community

Clarifying what you’ve achieved versus what you do and why that matters
Constructing your career documents to showcase you and what you offer
Teaching you how to work with hirers and confidently ace interviews
Coaching you to ditch anxiety from job loss, age discrimination or career change
Pinpointing the core skills you already have to change to a career you really love

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Here's What You'll Get

Join other professionals who are serious about improving their careers
Continue your lifelong learning – learners are earners
Come for the content and stay for the community
Form relationships with like minded people
Receive and give support
Build connections who become friends

About Your Host

Wendy Alexander

Career Success Maestro

I help professionals increase their income, get promotions or confidently change careers without compromising their health, relationships and peace of mind - it's all about thriving not just surviving in all areas of life

Customer Success Stories

I had an engagement with Wendy a few weeks ago, a coaching session to prepare me for a challenging interview... As a result of that engagement, I managed to secure that role... many thanks to Wendy for her brilliant coaching

Emad Haddad  

Client Relationship Manager  

See the Results Other People Just Like You Get

A colleague of mine referred me to Wendy and gave me great feedback on her resume writing skills. 

I gave Wendy a 6 page boring resume as a starting point, initially I was nervous on how she can translate and present my 26 years of experience in less than 3 pages. 

I was overjoyed with the end results, a truly awesome representation. 

The most valuable thing for me was the process and Wendy’s approach in writing my resume, I felt proud, confident and empowered. 

This lead me to ask Wendy to be my career coach which is transforming my life. 

Wendy’s energy, generosity, experiences and positive outlook is an inspiration to me. 

 I highly recommend Wendy, the best investment you will ever make.

Sonia Noonan

Commercial Manager at UGL - Transport & Technology

Wendy is excellent connecting with people on a level that makes them feel comfortable. 

She allows you to open up so she can get the information required to produce a very well written resume. 

 She coaches you to recognise your strength and weaknesses in a way you may never had considered previously. 

She has a very strong work ethic and loves to help people find their passion in life. 

 Due to Wendy's high standards and discipline I've witnessed her help others become successful in the job hunting process. 

I highly recommend Wendy if you need any coaching or help with your resume. 

Kim McMaster

Client Relationship Manager

My resume has been written over a few years and in that time it had got a tad out of hand. I probably like you reading this, am not a subject matter expert on recruiting, hiring or writing eloquently about myself. In this era of significant changes to the job market and the different medium and agencies through which roles are now advertised - it is a minefield for anyone seeking to find a placement in a role appropriate to their skills and value. That's why I hired/outsourced/invested (yes all of those) in using Wendy's skills. Wendy's turnaround was phenomenal, her interpretation of what was in my CV (like unscrambling scrambled egg I would think), her ability to detect from a short conversation what matters to me and to be able to present that back in a succinct way that I anticipate will provide clarity to hiring managers as to why Bridgit is worth interviewing. Wendy is honest to a fault and that is what is needed ahead of going out in to the greater job universe - listen to her, it will stand you in good stead.

Bridgit English

Collaborative Executive Manager who grows business by making the customer and employee the heroes of the business story

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