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what's Included in the membership?

Everything you need to succeed

hope to plan

Your growth mindset principles to turn from demotivated and hopeless to on fire,  community connections and accountability support

assessing to action

Assess your 'story', review the patterns and passions in your life and turn them into success patterns, and setup your career transferable skills

Position for success

Your key career document templates, how to find opportunities others miss, interview tips and all important - self esteem mindset plan

build on your success

Progress mindset guides, win-win networking how-to's, networking events and regular progress celebrations

yoda like mastery

Ongoing mindset growth support, mentoring opportunities, growth volunteering tips and your pay it forward commitments


Come back to your new success community to share your wins and get help on your challenges, we're here for you

About Your instructor

Wendy alexander

I help professionals increase their income, get promotions or confidently change careers without compromising their health, relationships and peace of mind. It about thriving and not just surviving in all areas of life.

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