Cover Letter Success Secrets Workshop

Turn Your Cover Letters into Job Offers

Your cover letter is your first and sometimes only chance to get noticed by a hiring manager

It's not just a formality - it's your strategic tool to show why you're the perfect fit for the role and the company culture

Every word counts and the right ones can make your phone ring with that job offer

I saw countless applications when I was recruiting for some of Australia's top-tier companies

The ones that stood out?

They weren't just well-written…

They were compelling and tailored and 100% aligned with the job and the company and they made it impossible for me not to pick up the phone

In this workshop you'll learn how to write ‘those’ cover letters

You’ll learn how to analyse job descriptions and then line up your skills and experiences with what hiring managers desperately seek - and how to add your unique personality

Your cover letter is where you make clear that you can do the job and that you belong to their team

Just as a powerful LinkedIn profile can make you a sought-after candidate – your ‘must read’ cover letter makes you an irresistible hire

Become a Master Persuader


Learn from a teacher who's been a hiring manager and knows what gets noticed and gets you the call backs


Learn from successful cover letter examples that've landed real jobs giving you proven concrete models to follow


Build on your strong professional brand showing what you're good at and where you're headed - it's the brand of you

The Secret

Ditch the common mistakes and clichés so you're the one the hiring manager picks for their short list interviews

Get That

Address the specific needs and company culture so you land on the 'must interview' list first time and every time


As the market changes we update the templates and lessons and workshop - come back whenever you're changing jobs

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Wendy Alexander your master career coach and career success guide

With 20+ years of experience Wendy is a seasoned professional who has led hundreds of individuals to their dream jobs.
Wendy's journey is inspiring - from being a broke single mum to a high-paying corporate career to now coaching amazing clients and travelling when she wishes - she knows what it takes to smash obstacles and get what you want.
Her background as a hiring manager for some of the largest IT transformation programs in the country means she knows what people-who-hire-people want to see in a winning candidate.
Now - Wendy is passionate about paying it forward and helping others avoid the years of trial and error she did.
She's here to give you the shortcuts to success and the strategies you need to thrive in your career journey.
With Wendy by your side you'll learn from the best and fast-track your way to the career of your dreams.
Get ready to unlock your full potential and take your professional life to the next level with Wendy Alexander as your trusted mentor.

Success Stories from people just like you

Insider Knowledge

I recently approached Wendy when I was looking for a job change. I took 3 sessions from her regarding the interviewing strategy and approach. 
She really turned my confidence around and boosted it up.
She helped with the better and smart methods of answering while interviewing. She helped me in uplifting my resume and provided me the insides about how to make it more discoverable to the recruiters.
She has a good anticipation sense, By looking at the job description, she informed me the kind of questions can be asked for that job, and she was right with her question.
I'll highly recommend Wendy to you.

LI icon

Saheli Dutta

Project Officer - Project Management Professional

Great Advice How To
Get Noticed

Recently I was recommended to Wendy to have my resume updated, Wendy's knowledge of the industry and the recruitment habits of reporting managers made the experience easy and straightforward.
Wendy tailored my resume to focus on the expertise offered as well as personal experiences and achievements.
Wendy also had some great advice on how to get noticed more when looking for a new role.
I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is searching for a new role, she can help with resumes, cover letters, interview tips and much more. David Moore

david moore

David Moore

Account Director, Board of Directors, Public Officer, Senior Executive

LinkedIn Profile

Wendy was recommended to me by a close friend of mine.
Booked a free 15 minute appointment with Wendy over zoom. The call went well over 30 minutes and Wendy was kind enough to give me professional advices to improve my resume during the call. She wasn't in a hurry to end the call even it exceeded the 15 minutes.
I was very impressed with the advices she gave. So, I ended up signing up with her. She revamped my resume and cover letter in a way that it looks good just at a glance. I am very please with her work and it was a joy to work with her.
I thank you again for helping me out Wendy. 

shehan shanthiratne

Shehan Shanthiratne

Senior Technical Systems Officer, Senior Engineer

Your Questions Answered

1. What makes this workshop different from other cover letter writing courses?

This workshop is led by an ex-hiring manager with frontline experience in what makes a cover letter grab a hiring manager's attention in competitive industries. You'll learn not just to write but to strategically craft engaging and persuasive cover letters giving you a real-world edge.

2. How will this workshop improve my chances of getting an interview?

By mastering the art of tailoring your cover letter to precisely align with job descriptions and company culture you'll significantly increase your visibility and appeal to hiring managers which in turn boosts your interview prospects as you've positioned yourself as a 'must meet' candidate.

3. What if I have very little experience? Can I still create a compelling cover letter?

Absolutely yes - this workshop teaches you how to effectively highlight your potential and skills and any practical experiences like internships or volunteer work or projects relating to the job making your application compelling despite a shorter resume.

4. Will this workshop help me with online applications that use software to read resumes and cover letters?

Yes - you'll learn how to optimise your cover letter with keywords and formats friendly to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) so your letter makes it through initial screenings and to the hiring manager's eyeballs and not in the bin.

5. What is the biggest takeaway I can expect from this workshop?

The greatest takeaway will be your ability to craft distinct customised cover letters that showcase your qualifications and fit for the role and make a compelling case to hiring managers about why they should choose you over other candidates.

6. How practical is the workshop content?

Very practical. The workshop combines theory with real-world examples. You'll analyse real, successful cover letter examples and learn to adapt your own letters to various job scenarios so you leave with skills you can use straight away.

7. I'm changing industries. Will this workshop help me?

Yes, one of the major benefits of this workshop is learning how to effectively transition your skills and experiences into different industries through your cover letter making your application relevant and appealing regardless of your past job history.

8. What if I'm brand new to the job market?

This workshop is perfect for newcomers as it equips you with the skills to create attention getting cover letters from the start. You'll learn how to effectively communicate your potential and stand out even with limited professional experience.

Success Stories from people just like you

Landed Dream
Career Switch

I recently approached Wendy to review my profile and resume.
The engagement was very fruitful, Wendy was very professional and gave me many valuable information and tips on my Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile setup.
I really appreciate Wendy support in my career switch journey, and I will highly recommend Wendy to my friends.

bryan chen

Bryan Chen

Senior Leader delivering wins in Project Delivery and Customer Success

2 Weeks To A
New Job

I engaged Wendy to revamp my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.
She is professional, efficient extremely knowledgeable in her field.
I was able to land a new job in less than two weeks. If you want to stand out to potential new employer I would 100% recommend Wendy's services.
Thank you!

juliette pongas

Juliette Pongas

Certified Practicing Accountant - Australia

LinkedIn Profile

Wendy is a great career coach.
She has helped me with revamping my resume by removing the jargon and keeping it short and to the point.
She even offered to tailor a cover letter for one job that I am really interested in.
She was friendly and approachable.

anup thapa

Anup Thapa

Executive | Strategic Thinker | Leading with Empathy | Change Agent

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Learn directly from an ex-hiring manager with deep industry experience
Master the art of customising your cover letter for different job applications
Understand what hiring managers truly seek in a standout cover letter
Get confidence in presenting yourself as the top candidate for any role
Learn to highlight your skills - even with limited professional experience
Learn techniques to make your cover letter ATS-friendly
Discover how to use your cover letter to show your personal brand
Significantly boost your job interview invitate rate
Build a toolkit of cover letter components for any job application
Learn to adapt your tone for different industries and company cultures
Success stories to inspire you and guide you

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