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What This Program Can Do For You

Land your dream job, negotiate your best pay or get your longed-for perks


An example packed worksheet helps you identify your achievements

Proven Deck

Use the exact deck my client used to land a $22,000 raise

Building Your Runway

Adopt one simple method to vastly increase your negotiating position

New Industry

Get the exact deck a client used to land their dream job in a new industry with more pay and better conditions

Your Choice

Change one of two sample negotiation decks to help you get the job, pay or perks you want 

Confidence and Your Mind

Learn simple techniques to ramp up your confidence so you can ace any negotiation you wish

Official Bio

Catch Up and Get the Career and Pay You Deserve

I’m a Resume Writer, LinkedIn Consultant and Career Coach who helps people look so good that hiring managers can’t ignore them.

My clients get hired and promoted at companies such as; Telstra, AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, ANZ, NAB, Nestle, DXC, Wipro, Ingram Micro, Metro Trains, Australian Institute of Management, Australian Tax Office, EnergyAustralia, Origin Energy, United Energy, Local Councils, Transport NSW, James Cook University, Downer Engineering, Nintex, TCS, UGL Services, Red Hat, Suncorp, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and many more.

I was stuck once, not knowing how to get out of a financial and emotional mess after a relationship break-up left me a broke, single mum drowning in debt.

But things changed when I changed -  I invested in myself, found mentors and a supportive community. I didn't turn my mess into success without the support and help of others.

And now I help professional people fearlessly get the job they want, negotiate the income they want and ultimately the lifestyle they want.

My clients are executives, managers, IT professionals, business analysts, project managers, directors, career-changers, promotion seekers, and sometimes people working the same job for many years needing help to update their resume and get the confidence to ace their next interview.

Online Course Walkthrough

Here's what you'll gain from your lessons...

Lesson 1: Gathering Achievements

Learn how to identify and write your achievements - the things that matter

Lesson 2: Prep & Build Relationships

The one thing you must do to get a great negotiated outcome

Lesson 3: Structure

How to structure your 'ask' and an email template for the invite

Lesson 4: $22,000 Template

Step by step walkthrough of this Manager's $22,000 success story

Lesson 5: New Industry Template

Step by step walkthrough of a proven career change template

Lesson 6: Mindset Matters

Strategies to build a bullet-proof mindset to ace your negotiation

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Don't Get Left Behind...

Proven negotiation decks to copy and use
Email templates you can copy and paste
Step by step walkthroughs
How to warm up your boss so you get a 'yes' 

Negotiate Your Dream Job, Pay or Perks

All the templates and tools you need to start today

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Instant access to all lessons
Email Templates to use now
Proven Decks copy and paste
Achievements & Mindset set your success
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$495 Value
$495 Value

Total Value $1,098  Todays Price $89


Success Stories From My Clients

Wendy was an absolute pleasure to work with... Her warm and pragmatic approach helped me uncover my confidence to speak concisely about myself and convey relevant tailored responses.
In just a few sessions and a several successful interviews I landed multiple offers and was spoilt for choice.

Amanda Mach

Wendy is a seasoned professional with a deep awareness of various communication dimensions...
She really helped me with a wealth of information and strategies on how I could better articulate my skills and experience through my career profile documents. 

Vinod Seetharaman MD

I worked with Wendy Alexander on Revamping my resume, LinkedIn, and interview techniques.
She challenged me to see the greatness in my professional experiences and career, which helped me navigate and execute a plan to prosper as I searched for new job opportunities. 
Subsequently, I was able to secure a new position that was in line with my current experience and career path. Working with her as a coach was integral and her support definitely garnered further success!

Kwame Morris

I whole heartedly endorse and recommend Wendy's career management services.
What makes Wendy special to me are three capabilities she offers which are unique to the market: (1) knowledge of the recruitment process, (2) knowledge of sales psychology and how it influences people, and (3) personal experience making senior hiring decisions as an executive leader.
To have access to this depth and breath of experience in the one person is incredible...

Mo Omarjee

Catch Up - I'll Show You How

If you've been in the same job for more than 2 years with the same pay then you're missing out in the best job market for years...

Here's how this course will help you catch up what you've missed -

Proven negotiation decks for you to copy and use - copy the exact deck a client used to land a $22,000 pay rise
Email templates - copy and paste to set up your crucial meetings
Your Achievements - how you say what you've done is almost as important as what you did - I'll show you how to write your achievements so your boss can't say no
Prepare for a great result - I'll show you the one thing you must start right now to get your boss on your side - and how it'll help you...
Wendy Alexander Career Success

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