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Learn to Craft Resumes that Land Dream Jobs in 90 Minutes or Less

Are you stuck in the same job and never get that juicy interview while everyone around you jumps from job to job as they wish?

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job - you may be the best at what you do - but everyone else gets promoted ahead of you or jumps to the next job whenever they wish

And if you don’t know why then you’re not alone…

Hiring Managers spend 6 seconds scanning your resume

I know because I used to be one

You’ve got 6 seconds to grab your hiring managers eyeballs or you're gone and they’re onto the next candidate

If your resume is more than 5 pages long listing every job since junior school and the tasks you did – you’re gone

You’re not doing anything wrong because you don’t know any better

There’s no Job Finder 101 course in any school I’ve ever seen

And no one’s ever run a course to write a killer resume – until now

I’ve worked in blue chip corporate companies for over 20 years and never had to hunt for a job - but that wasn’t always the case

At first I was just like you – I watched as people around me got better jobs with better pay whenever they wanted – until one day I got sick of it and decided to figure out how they did it

Rather than panic, I got to work…

I wrote and re-wrote my resume until it got me the interviews

I practiced my interviews until I knew I could nail any interview

I started upgrading resumes for friends and started coaching them – and yes, they started getting calls and getting jobs they wanted

So that’s when I knew I had a system – a repeatable set of steps to get the job I wanted – and you can use to get the results you want

Take Your Resume from Boring to Life Changing In Under 90 Minutes


Learn from a teacher who's been there and done it all - going from single mom to six-figure manager to career coach


See the secret elements that hiring managers desperately want to see in a candidate resume...
But almost never do

Irresistible Resumes

Discover the secrets to make your resume irresistible to hiring managers to get more interviews for your dream job

Proven Templates

Get access to proven resume templates that have landed hundreds of people their dream careers

Before & After

Watch over-my-shoulder as I transform ordinary resumes into must-see documents that have recruiters reaching for their phones


As the market changes we update the templates and lessons and workshop - come back whenever you're changing jobs

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Wendy Alexander your master career coach and career success guide

With 20+ years of experience Wendy is a seasoned professional who has led hundreds of individuals to their dream jobs.
Wendy's journey is inspiring - from being a broke single mum to a high-paying corporate career to now coaching amazing clients and travelling when she wishes - she knows what it takes to smash obstacles and get what you want.
Her background as a hiring manager for some of the largest IT transformation programs in the country means she knows what people-who-hire-people want to see in a winning candidate.
Now - Wendy is passionate about paying it forward and helping others avoid the years of trial and error she did.
She's here to give you the shortcuts to success and the strategies you need to thrive in your career journey.
With Wendy by your side you'll learn from the best and fast-track your way to the career of your dreams.
Get ready to unlock your full potential and take your professional life to the next level with Wendy Alexander as your trusted mentor.

Success Stories from people just like you

Offered 2 Roles

Wendy offers an excellent service to help you craft a precise resume. I trusted the process and was coached in writing a succinct (from five pages) and compelling resume of two pages. The result: I have applied for two roles since then and been offered both. This helped me move to the job I have been after for some time. I would thoroughly recommend Wendy's service and approach to managing your career.

Phil Mizzi

Enterprise Architect


Wendy is a seasoned professional with a deep awareness of various communication dimensions (written, verbal and digital channels). She really helped me with a wealth of information and strategies on how I could better articulate my skills and experience through my career profile documents. The honest feedback ... helped me recognize and address areas of improvement. All through, she was an excellent partner to work with.

Vinod Seetharaman MD

Health & Life-sciences Digital Transformation Leader Asia-Pacific

Opened Network

I engaged Wendy to revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile. In a short period of time Wendy had helped me turn them into well written and personalized documents.
In addition, Wendy provided me with well thought advice on how to better promote myself.
Overall Wendy’s assistance opened up networking and job opportunities. Her expertise and knowledge gave me direction.
I would recommend her services.

Leanne Reed

Debt Advisory and Finance Management Professional

Transformed Resume

Wendy’s experience and approach quickly highlighted areas that I needed to address in order for my resume to accurately represent my experience and achievements. 

Within just a few short days, using a collaborative and consultative process, Wendy transformed my resume - now crisp, sharp and something I am proud to have represent me in the early stages of job applications where I need to stand out amongst many other applicants.

Reuben Jayasinghe

Head of Innovation Programs @ AWS

2 Job Offers

I really appreciate the work and effort that you put into rebuilding my resume. You took my work experience and studies and developed it into something powerful. 

With the revamped resume, requests for interviews came in by the dozens. 

I accepted 3 interviews and I received 2 job offers. 

Thank you again, your re-work to my resume really made a difference!

Nicole Baatjes

Snr. Specialist Billing Operations

Immediate Impact

Wendy turned my resume from a generic, ‘run of the mill’ 7 page application into an efficient and glowing CV with immediate impact.

I was impressed with the turnaround and communication throughout the process, Wendy is a professional and knows how to get the best result for her clients.

As a tradesman, it was important for my hands on experience to shine through and speak in a language that really resonated with the recipients. I couldn’t have produced a result like this without Wendy and I would highly recommend her no matter what profession you are in.

Alex Wilson

Co-founder @ Melo - Kava Sparkling Beverages

Your Questions Answered

What makes this workshop different from others?

This workshop offers a streamlined process designed to help you craft a standout resume in just 90 minutes. You'll get expert guidance from a seasoned career coach who walks the walk and get access to proven resume templates that have landed hundreds of clients their dream jobs.

I'm not confident in my writing skills. Will this workshop still be helpful for me?

Absolutely - This workshop is designed to cater to people of all writing skill levels. You'll get step-by-step guidance to help you create a polished and professional resume, regardless of your initial writing proficiency.

How will this workshop help me in my job search?

By doing this workshop, you'll get a full understanding of key resume must-haves, optimal resume length and strategies for creating reader-friendly resumes that grab a hiring managers' attention. You'll also learn from real-life success stories and gain confidence in presenting your resume to potential employers.

I haven't updated my resume for a long time. Is this workshop suitable for beginners?

Yes, this workshop is perfect for beginners. You'll get before-and-after insights into the resume transformation process so you witness firsthand how small changes make a big impact. Our step-by-step walkthroughs and templates help demystify the resume makeover process.

What kind of support will I receive after completing the workshop?

After completing the workshop, you'll have lifetime access to a library of action verbs, proven resume templates and testimonials from individuals who have successfully landed their dream roles using workshop strategies. Additionally, you can reach out to our support team for any help or clarification you may need.

I'm concerned about the investment. How do I know if this workshop is worth it?

Investing in your career is always a wise decision and this workshop is no exception. With expert guidance, practical insights and access to proven strategies - you'll get the tools and confidence to supercharge your job search and land your dream role. Consider it an investment in your future success.

Pay Once for lifetime access

$87 USD

Expert guidance from a seasoned career coach
Step by step process to craft your standout resume in 90 minutes or less
Proven resume templates used by hundreds of clients to land their dream jobs
Before-and-after walkthroughs of job-winning resume makeovers
Real-life success stories from clients who landed their dream roles using these workshop strategies
Key resume must-haves you can ignore at your own peril
Ideal resume length tips for maximum impact
Strategies for reader-friendly resumes to grab hiring managers' eyeballs
Learn why a professional resume is key to landing your dream career
Step-by-step walkthrough of proven job-winning resume templates
Access to a library of action verbs and proven resume templates

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