0 introduction mining your story

Mining Your Story

No one picks up a handful of resumes for their bedtime reading

No one…

As much as you hate writing your resume - so too recruiters and hiring managers hate reading them

That’s why to stand out, to make it somewhat enjoyable for readers of that one document that your career and ultimately finances depend on - it’s important to tell a compelling story

1 Introduction

1 Introduction

Introducing your Mining Your Story workshop

2 Who Is Wendy - Or - Why You Should Listen To Me

2 Who Is Wendy - Or - Why You Should Listen To Me

From broke single-mum to corporate hiring manager to career success coach guiding people to ace interviews for roles they've only ever dreamed about

3 Mining Your Story Walkthrough

3 Mining Your Story Walkthrough

Watch over my shoulder as I step you through the worksheet

4 Success Stories from People Like You

4 Success Stories from People Like You

See some of the life-changing success stories people just like you have got

Workshop Objectives

Set yourself up for success - right now and long term
Make yourself memorable to hiring managers in any job market
Build a stand-out professional identity positioning you as a valuable asset
Showcase your transferable skills - the superpower you bring to any role

Your Workshop Instructor

Wendy Alexander

I’m a Resume Writer, LinkedIn Consultant and Career Coach who helps people look so good that hiring managers can’t ignore them.

My clients get hired and promoted at companies such as; Telstra, AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, ANZ, NAB, Nestle, DXC, Wipro, Ingram Micro, Metro Trains, Australian Institute of Management, Australian Tax Office, EnergyAustralia, Origin Energy, United Energy, Local Councils, Transport NSW, James Cook University, Downer Engineering, Nintex, TCS, UGL Services, Red Hat, Suncorp, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and many more.

I was stuck once, not knowing how to get out of a financial and emotional mess after a relationship break-up left me a broke, single mum drowning in debt.

But things changed when I changed -  I invested in myself, found mentors and a supportive community. I didn't turn my mess into success without the support and help of others.

And now I help professional people fearlessly get the job they want, negotiate the income they want and ultimately the lifestyle they want.

Happy Career Hub

It took me years of trial and error to effortlessly go from job to job whenever I wished while making a healthy 6-figure income

Wanna skip the crap I went through?

Grab a 15-minute session with me here and I’ll show you how to make it happen

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